The Mushroom Farm strives to nurture nature so we may all thrive. A harmonious ecosystem depends on symbiotic relationships between microbes, plants, and animals - that means we must contribute!

Through the incorporation of closed-loop systems - such as composting crop residues to provide future fertility  - we can lessen our impact and ensure resilience. We are building permanent garden beds, allowing a strong fungal network to establish healthy relationships with plant roots. Flowers attract beneficial insects to pollinate and protect our crops through integrated pest management. Perennial hedgerows provide shelter for larger critters, each playing a role in the whole. We are reviving this land’s capacity to provide food in a different way - a regenerative approach that honors natural habitats and feeds vibrant soil.  

If we nurture the life in the soil, it will nourish us in return.

We are dedicated to beyond-organic practices that encourage a thriving ecosystem. Regenerative farming methods sequester carbon, support biodiversity, provide habitat for insect and animal allies, improve soil structure, and increase water retention. Our goal is to demonstrate an agricultural approach that is both ecologically responsible and economically viable, providing a template that can be replicated worldwide. 

Our mission is to be exemplary earth stewards, focusing on the permaculture principles of people care, earth care, and fair share.


Nature can’t be rushed. We’ve got to listen to the land.
— Cassandra Boraiko, Farm Manager
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