The Mushroom Farm is a 754-acre regeneration project on the California coast.



Incubating our regenerative future.

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The Mushroom Farm is a climate-conscious coastal conservation project in the Bay Area

For decades, this beautiful land supplied Campbell Soup Company with billions of pounds of mushrooms. Now it’s time for The Mushroom F.A.R.M. to serve a new purpose, as a living laboratory to create the Future of Agriculture, Regenerative sciences, and Mycology.

Our intention is to transform this land into a hub for regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, and education to grow food while living in integrity with our planet. Together we are designing the future we want to live in.

It’s time to reinoculate The Mushroom Farm.


Restoring the Land

We are dedicated to beyond-organic practices that encourage a thriving ecosystem. Regenerative farming methods sequester carbon, support biodiversity, provide habitat for insect and animal allies, improve soil structure, and increase water retention. Our goal is to demonstrate an agricultural approach that is both ecologically responsible and economically viable, providing a template that can be replicated worldwide.


Join The Mushroom Farm

Join The Mushroom Farm and participate in the creation of our regenerative farm and food forest. Your monthly contribution goes directly to help fund a replicable permaculture plan, put fruit trees in the ground, seeds in the soil, and spark the growth of our shared global dream.

The food we produce in partnership with this land will feed the local community and stock our farm stand on Highway 1. We invite you to join us in creating beautiful abundance.

Seed - Plant our Future
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Seed - Plant our Future
5.00 every month for 1 year
Root - Adopt a Tree
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Root - Adopt a Tree
20.00 every month for 1 year
Grow - Tend the Garden
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Grow - Tend the Garden
50.00 every month for 1 year