Adopt a Garden

After producing Agaricus mushrooms for decades, it’s time for this ocean-front land to serve a new purpose, as a laboratory for agricultural regeneration and renewal. The Mushroom Farm mission is to be an example of regenerative land stewardship, sharing best practices in food, water and energy sectors to inspire the global community.

You are invited to participate in this mission by adopting a garden bed in The Mushroom Farm regenerative vegetable and medicine garden! This is a beautiful way for a group or company to make a deep commitment to regenerative agriculture. 

Your one-time gift of $10,000 supports the creation and care of our food garden that will nourish our farm and our extended community, including you!

In gratitude, we’d like to offer you:

  • Naming rights to your garden bed.

  • Farm Action Days for your group to come learn from our permaculture experts, enjoy the farm, and tend the bed.

  • Access to your coastal garden bed to harvest produce.

  • One farm-to-table dinner for your group.

  • Once per month CSA delivery

We are also looking for partners to make in-kind donations of farm equipment: tractors, tools, commercial dishwashers and laundry machines, and a hot tub.

Our Hemp program is accepting donations here. Thank you!


Are you ready to create a future that works for 100% of humanity? 

Share a gift with The Mushroom Farm and we’ll cocreate the regenerative farm of the future.


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Just as the Internet Archive promotes universal access to all knowledge, The Mushroom Farm seeks to create a world where all have access to healthy food, and the knowledge required to grow that food.
— Nadeem Kassam, Founder