The Mushroom Farm is a ~750 acre dream regeneration project on the California coastline. We are a 100% certified organic farm, incubating businesses in regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, and holistic wellness.

We are calling in co-creators.

From basecamp at The Mushroom Farm, we look out at miles of pristine California beaches and waves, fields of wildflowers and native grasslands, protected redwood forests, and historical farmland. Full sun, steady ocean wind, fertile soil.

Everything we need is here. An abundance of natural resources - a super-system for whole ecosystem regeneration.

Honoring the ancestry of this land

The Mushroom Farm rests on two historic properties. Our 110-acre mushroom production facility was built by Campbell’s Soup in 1957 with over 250,000 sq. ft of industrial infrastructure, and once produced 2.5 million pounds of button mushrooms per month.

And our 643-acre gorgeous ranch, hosts an incredible diversity of wildlife and habitats, and contains over a mile of pristine protected Gazos Creek. Indigenous communities have managed this land for ages and we honor the memory of their sacred fire.

We are gratefully reviving the inherent abundance of this land.

A Celebration of Abundance

Our mission is to be an example of regenerative land stewardship and to share our learnings with the global community.

This is just the beginning. Together we are designing the future we want to live in. A thriving future—for ourselves, our communities, our businesses and our planet.

We are here now to put seeds in the ground, to water and to tend them. We are here to grow, to harvest and to feed. This land is calling you to co-create the regenerative future, together.